Touch of Grace Healing Arts
serving the greater Boston area​
HEAL: to mend, to patch up, to restore to original integrity, to make spiritually sound or whole
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Reiki (ray kee) is a gentle, light touch healing practice which provides deep relaxation and a sense of well-being. Complements conventional medical care. Relieves pain and anxiety. Balances energy. You are fully clothed, lying on a massage table, as the practitioner places hands on head, torso, arms and legs. 
Reflexology is a specific technique of applying steady, gentle pressure with the thumb and fingers to reflex points on the feet that stimulate nerve endings that directly correspond to organs and glands throughout the body. Alleviates stress and tension, improves circulation, relaxes the whole body, activates the healer within. You are fully clothed, shoes and socks removed, lying on a massage table as the practitioner works on your feet. 

Some like to combine Reiki and Reflexology in one session.
What I Offer... 
​Healing Touch
Spiritual Companioning
Spiritual Direction is a way of walking with another on the spiritual journey as companion and supportive presence. I listen and encourage and help you to find what you seek - above all, the voice of Divine Wisdom, who dwells within as well as without, and who delights to be revealed through all aspects of life. We meet for an hour once a month. 

Retreat Facilitation for Women's Wellness Weekends is my specialty. Treat yourself and a group of friends or family or colleagues to quiet time apart for rest & renewal. I can offer meditation, journaling, guided imagery, circle sharing, ritual, gentle yoga, and/or healing touch in a format designed especially for you.

Healing touch is the perfect followup to spiritual direction. In talking, a lot gets opened up. The bodywork Eileen does with me after direction helps to nurture and support those openings and gives healing closure to the vulnerable sharing that has just happened ~ Jen

I'm a born cynic and expected very little out of reflexology. I'm pleased to say that one session proved me very wrong and I've continued receiving these wonderfully relaxing treatments on a regular basis. ~ Mark